An Amateur's Lifelong Dedication to the Game

Golf Chronicles
was written out of the passion for the game and to raise funds to support university golf programs, The First Tee and other youth organizations that support golf in the community. 100% of the proceeds go to these programs.

Through the Green covers a number of special golf venues from Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, Ireland as well as the 2017 PGA Tour major championship.  The book concludes with a fictional short story about a retired executive who attempts to win a USGA major championship.

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Golf Chronicles
An Amateur’s Lifelong Dedication to the Game

Through the Green

Golf Shots, Spots and Stories – Inspirations and Aspirations

If you’re a golfer, you’ll love these books for author Joseph Bronson’s passionate description of the game.  He is meticulous in his detailing of the philosophical nature of golf and his insights into major world competitions.  His descriptions of the variety of courses he himself has played are entertaining and inspiring.  You will want to book your next tee time as you experience his descriptions of some of the greatest courses in the world.

For the golf widow or widower, the books will help you understand why your loved one spends so much time on the course.  Through the Green also extends the reach with a complete discussion on golf driving ranges and practice areas are over the world.  This game is about so much more than hitting a ball around acres of neatly trimmed grass.  The dedication required to improve your performance is the same as that which any goal in life requires.

The books are multicultural as the world itself and also a microcosm of life.  Expansive and intimate, this game has something for each part of us and for all of us together.

Help Support University Golf Programs

Golf Chronicles was written out of the passion for the game and to raise funds to support university golf programs, The First Tee
and other youth organizations that support golf in the community. 100% of the proceeds go to these programs.

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About the Author

Joe Bronson leveraged his successful business career  that enabled his ability to play golf all over the world and he was also lucky enough to be the only golfer in the executive suite.  Joe is a member of Monterrey Peninsula Country Club in Pebble Beach, California and Cordevalle Golf Club in San Martin, California.  He previously held membership in Mannings Heath Golf Club in West Sussex, England.  He has played 87 of the top 100 courses in the United States and has played in England, Scotland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, France, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and even Israel.  He is determined to get better and has been taking lessons for the last three years.

He routinely publishes his blog covering PGA, LPGA or amateur events and lively topics of the day in the world of golf.  His intention is to give the reader insights that you would never experience in the media or the golf publication.

Golf Chronicles Blog

Update “Through the Green” or “Shameless Marketing”

We had a conversation with my publisher yesterday and were surprised to hear that "Through the Green" was ranked No. 500 on Amazon in the Sports Genre category and  92 in the genre of Non Fiction Sports and Travel.  On Kindle the similar ranking was 70.  The publisher...

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The Match??

The Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelsen event occurred on Black Friday.  Readers of this blog that intended to pay $19.95 to watch these two duke it out for $9M (winner take-all) were few and far between.  Some brilliant marketing executive at AT&T conceived this idea...

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Letter from New Zealand-Volume 2

I've played 3 rounds at the Kauri Cliffs golf club and the word "cliffs" is clearly operable.  The course is impossible to walk in my view but there are some brave souls that do it with a push cart or a caddy.  There's lots of distance between the holes and...

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Letter from New Zealand-Day 1

Well we finally made it.  It almost took us more time to get to Kauri Cliffs, New Zealand from Melbourne, Australia as it did from San Francisco to Auckland.  I won't elaborate about this trip as we've all had our travel miseries. Kauri Cliffs is at the north end of...

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Forever Young Golf Classic

While Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson are duking it out for the World No. 1 spot in Shanghai, China this week, something more important was taking place at Cordevalle GC in San Martin, California.  It was the Steve Young-Jerry Rice Golf Tournament benefiting the...

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USF Golf Team at Monterrey Peninsula Country Club

One of the benefits about writing about golf is the opportunity to generate revenue to support college golf programs,  The First Tee organization and other charities that benefit children.  I firmly believe that golf and education make good partners as the game adds...

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