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Judge’s Commentary:  Amateur and professional golfers alike are likely to find useful nuggets and suggestions in this book, which gives specific pointers on certain golf shots as well an assortment of interesting golf-related stories and incidents. Pebble Beach in California, Bandon Dunes in Oregon, and selected golf courses in Ireland are well covered along with the current state of the popular sport and game. Readers can gain an appreciation of how golfers might play a course or a particular shot. The level of instruction is very concise.

The book also covers the author’s favorite golf course. Distinguished golf holes as well as ones that are most enjoyable and which aren’t and why compose an especially fascinating chapter. International experiences are candidly related. Other subjects include driving ranges/practice areas, famous shots and events, and major championships. Other chapters discuss the 2016 U.S. Women’s Open and the Royal Birkdale history.

The writing is practical with good subheads that allow readers to focus on specific aspects. The useful book would substantially benefit from photos of golf courses and some of the more challenging golf holes…

The title/subtitle and cover image all successfully combine to interest well targeted readers. Due to its finite instructions, the book may well enjoy a long shelf life.

Joseph Bronson provides golfers and fans of the game a bird’s eye view of many beautiful golf courses throughout our country and around the globe. As an amateur golfer and traveler, he offers a fascinating manner in which he brings to the foreground the variety of cultural experiences he has gained while playing the game for which he is so passionate. In Golf Chronicles, the author engages the reader and broadens their understanding by detailing how international cultures translate into the service and etiquette of a round of golf. He personalizes his adventures by incorporating vignettes relating to lessons learned through the game of golf and his relationships with family, friends, and those who share of love of the game.
Kathleen B.

I could never understand the allure of golf. Now, I know. Joe’s journey from novice golfer to low handicap was a fascinating microcosm of dedication to craft. The courses are described in detail to the point where you could visualize the author (or the reader) playing on those courses. And the pro shop personnel, all different, unlike what you would get when playing on a tennis court. Lastly, I liked the technical descriptions of the golf clubs- I will never feel guilty about buying a new bike again…
Laura O.

Most books that are written about golf are authored by those who play the game as professionals, or are professional golf writers. Joe Bronson’s perspective as an amateur golfer provides a different, and yet insightful viewpoint on the many great courses he has played, the various people he has played with, and the many tournaments he has attended. It became clear to me as I read Joe’s words that each of the experiences he describes in his book had a profound impact on how he viewed and played the game.

I highly recommend “Golf Chronicles”, and am confident that everyone who takes the opportunity to read this book will enjoy Joe’s unique take on this great game, the game of golf.

Amazon Customer

I purchased Golf Chronicles for my husband and my son who LOVE to golf! A very fun read for a non-golfer such as myself too. Congratulations to author Joe Bronson on a very successful first book. Loved reading of your many golf experiences throughout the US and world.
Fran G.

Great world tour of golf courses and country cultures. Makes you feel like you’re walking each course. Great anecdotes — makes you feel like you were there for the “long walk spoiled”. Not many amateurs can share the experiences of so many courses around the world!
Amazon Customer

Joe. I read Chronicles last night on the flight home. It was a fun and an interesting read. I really enjoyed it.

I didn’t realize golf had gotten that expensive. I took up golf in the eighties and tried it for a few years. I never developed your passion for the game and it is a time burner. I spent more time at the driving range and the 3 pars than on a real course.

Anyway. Nice job. Noel

Noel W.

It really is true that success in any undertaking is best fueled by passion.

Not only does this talented author have a visceral passion for the game of golf, but he has the skill to take the reader right along with him; course after fabulous course, each delivered with insight, humor and wry appreciation for the challenges of chasing the elusive little white ball.

This book is a must have for those who play, observe or simply appreciate the ancient game of golf. For the many of us who will never have the opportunity to traverse the world’s great courses, we can now sit back and enjoy them through the eyes of a highly skilled lover of the game.

Amazon Customer