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Through the Green-Published 8/30/18

by | Sep 4, 2018

My second golf book “Through the Green” was published last week by Outskirts Press which is the same publisher as the first book, “Golf Chronicles.”  .  This book took 20 months from concept to publication as compared to 3+ years for Golf Chronicles.  The book is available now on Amazon but there’s not much information about it as I’m just getting the collateral material ready for Amazon.  It seems like writing the book is the easy part–marketing and selling your book is another effort entirely.

Through the Green was written for a number of golf themes:

–How to Play Pebble Beach hole by hole from an amateur and professional’s perspective. It will be interesting to get feedback from those that have played it.  I also hope that it will benefit those players that still have Pebble on the bucket list and have seen it only on their golf game computer screens.

–The Golfing Experience at Bandon Dunes.  No book could do justice to Bandon so the purpose of this chapter is to give those players that have yet to play it to understand what is in store for them.

–The book chronicles another rendition of golf holes from all over the world ranked by difficulty, enjoyment and some of the worst holes I have experienced in a format similar to what was done in Golf Chronicles.  However, I may get in trouble for some of my critique on the worst holes since some of those are on courses that may be considered iconic.

–The 2017 major championships are chronicled with some historical background on Royal Birkdale.  Major championships are usually always entertaining and 2017 was a particularly good year.

-Finally, I decided to try my writing skill at fiction using golf as the platform.  There is a short story at the end of the book that tracks the exploits of a retired business executive who has a special goal in mind for his golf game.  I’m hopeful that some positive feedback from this endeavor will further encourage my writing as I’ve started a novel that is not golf related.

The book is dedicated to Linda who gives me the time and encouragement  to write books while I still work full time.  I also dedicated the book to Mike Wishart who is a very good player who competed on the California Senior Amateur Tour.  He helped me stimulate the ideas for the short story.  I also want to thank Old Head Golf Club in Ireland who provided me a number of fantastic photographs to choose from for the cover of my book.  It was a difficult choice and we ran a Facebook poll and a poll from the blog list to select the cover.  The photograph of me on the back cover is at Wincanton in England.  The golf course is in the interior of a thoroughbred race track and was taken in January 2018.  My teeth are chattering but you can’t see that in the photography on the 9th green.

A reminder that proceeds from sales of Through the Green will benefit Bay Area collegiate golf programs and The First Tee.  Hoping that you all enjoy, “Through the Green.”






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