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Golf is Hard

by | Nov 26, 2023

Golf Is Hard

Its the first tee at Pine Valley  Bunkers and junk everywhere; Intimidation and fear in the air.  How to navigate perhaps the most difficult course in the land?  Where virtually every shot may end up in the sand.

Golf is Hard

Its the first tee at Pebble Beach; you can feel that  patrons at the Gallery Restaurant are watching; the trees on the right side of the fairway seem reaching and fetching.  You’ve finally achieved checking this one off your bucket list; the question is whether your swing will persist.

Golf is Hard!

It’s the 16th tee at Cypress Point.  The green sits  225 yards between you and the Pacific Ocean as it appears to be even longer.  The worst idea is to think you have to get stronger.  The tee shot carry to the left is the bailout we know…it’s going to result in a bogey or worse for this show.

Golf is Hard!

No matter the venue, iconic or muni professional, amateur or daily fee player,  the first tee shot can be a slayer.  The pressure is mental no matter the venue; conjure up your best technique in order to continue.

Golf is Hard!

Hooks, slices, pushes and fades;  Can make the round a sorry charade.  Tune out all of the bad stuff and concentrate to stay out of the rough; the age-old question is are you tough enough..

Golf is Hard!

Out of the blue, the dreaded shank can also ensue; there is no explanation for such an occurrence; the hosel reacts with such a disturbance.  Never utter the word..shank..or you will never see the inside of a bank.

Golf is Hard!

On to the green to face the four foot putt; the yips can occur for the permanent rut; it’s only four feet, but the green is so fast , that your putt goes sliding by the hole off the green some 30 feet from the hole in a horrible blast

Golf is Hard!

Golf is the challenge to overcome all of these things as we continue to  seek the promise of the sweet swings.  These are the swings that bring us back to the game that continuously rattles our brain.

Royal St. George’s 4th hole-hard!











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  1. Tim Doron

    Joe “spot on” and the cartoon is absolutely hilarious How true it is as we all know its due to the poor equipment design!!!
    You forget #17 at Whistling Straits by the way.
    Hope all is well


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