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Is Tiger Back?

by | Dec 2, 2016

Tiger Woods had a great round today posting a bogey free round of 65 (seven birdies) in the tournament he sponsors.  It will be interesting to see how the world of sport deals with this result.  Most people in the golfing media have written Tiger off and who knows whether this round was an aberration or not.  Like him or not, Tiger is good for the game and this weekend, TV viewership will be up substantially as coverage of the tournament reverts to network television.  I don’t know how all of this will turn out but one thing is for sure-Tiger knows what its like to win and win consistently.  Many of us hope that this is the beginning of something special that would be a major sporting highlight in the coming year if this is the beginning of a substantial comeback.  His attitude seems to be steely, measured but not arrogant and realizes how far he needs to come back to reach his goal to be the best player in the world.  It will be a very difficult task but I wouldn’t count him out just yet.


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