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Saturday-December 4-Cordevalle

by | Dec 18, 2016

Our 10:12 tee time at Cordevalle was greeted with douses of light rain so we decided to start and move on.  With the proper rain gear, rain hat and potential need for rain gloves, playing in the rain should be no problem.  By the end of the first hole, light rain turned to heavy rain and we sloshed through the round.  By the 9th hole, we were the only group playing the course but the caddies had kept the club grips dry.  By the 14th, the grips were gone and on to the rain gloves.  Rain gloves actually improve the wet club grips so you have no excuses.  80 in this weather wasn’t bad.  Unfortunately, every thing was dry except my feet-by Sunday afternoon, I was sniffling with a cold from this round.


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