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Review: A Life Well Played: My Stories

by | Jan 16, 2017

Arnold Palmer’s last book is a series of vignettes and stories divided into three sections:  Golf, Business and Life.  The book is direct and written from the heart of a man that was able to capitalize on his considerable golfing skills and leverage those skills into successes in life and the sport that he loved.  The takeaway for me from all the wonderful experiences described here is that he was a principled man who was almost always able to “do the right thing.” I was fortunate to have played a round of golf with him at Pebble Beach and have dinner with him there.  He was the embodiment of what I think the game of golf is all about.  Despite all his achievements, he won’t be the greatest golfer of all time but he is the Greatest Person of the Game for all time.  His was a life “well lived” and this work triumphs those endeavors.


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