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Worst Golf Shot Ever

by | Aug 21, 2022

I couldn’t resist–this golf shot was so bad that I had to write about it.

We live on the 13th hole of Spyglass Hill Golf Course at Pebble Beach.  Our two-story home stands majestically parallel to the 13th fairway about 285 yards from the back tee and 165 yards from the green.  We should never get golf balls in our back yard since the 450 yd. par 4 is the No. 3 handicap hole at Spyglass.  Since the fairway is a gradual climb from the tee, professionals and low handicap players  hit their drives between 270-285 yards.  We should never get a golf ball in our back yard and we may get some balls that trickle into the trees adjoining our property.  However, there are many bad golfers that have the nerve and the money to play Spyglass Hill and we can be targets for the dreaded second shot.  The second shot from a terrible 150 yard drive puts our home in jeopardy and we have had 3 broken windows in our 27 years of living there.  Of course, these rich people didn’t leave a note and we had to repair the damage on our nickels and dimes.  One of the broken windows was the dining room window, which doesn’t even face the course.  I thought it would be almost impossible to break a window in that part of the house as it would require a second shot of 130 yards pulled (“hooked”) left at a 30 degree angle.  (almost impossible).  I did find a ball on my front lawn, which is even more difficult but in the same direction of the dining room.  Today, August 21, a new standard was created, which has the best worst golf shot potentially of all time.  It seems almost impossible.  My wife walked in from her Starbucks run and told me that there was a Taylor Made 3 right next to where she parks in the front of the house.  I couldn’t believe it–this was indeed impossible.

The ball lie in our front garden about a yard from Spyglass Hill Dr. about 2 yards from the road.  What makes this shot impossible is that the shot would have to be hit left from the course about 100-150 yards at a 10 degree angle and be hit high enough to clear the entire two story home.  I would have loved to have seen this shot as I just can’t figure it out how you could possibly clear the house at a 30 degree angle.  Perhaps the ball landed on the roof and rolled off into this spot but even that would be quite an awful accomplishment.  Spyglass sees a lot of bad golf but this shot was beyond belief.




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