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AT&T Bonus Coverage—Tiger at Riviera

by | Feb 17, 2018

I couldn’t resist.  Steve Young, Hall of Fame quarterback for the San Francisco 49’ers holed his chip off the green at the AT&T Pro-Am for a birdie 2.  Steve is a 14 handicap and seems to be enjoying golf more these days and this type of shot certainly brings you back.  We’ve known Steve or a long time and his Forever Young Foundation does a phenomenal job of supporting underprivileged children throughout the country.  Forever Young is one of the best charities in the country when measured by the amount of funds that directly disbursed to the programs supported.

The full video of the shot  can be viewed on my Facebook page as it’s too large for this website.






Tiger at Riveria

Tiger Woods failure to make the cut at the Genesis Open at Riviera Country Club is the biggest headline of the tournament.  It was hard to find out who was leading the tournament.  (It was Graham McDowell who has also been slumping for quite a while). So much has been written about Wood’s comeback that I’ll just summarize my opinion here.  As I have stated many times in my book, Golf Chronicles, golf is a pyramid structure and the difference as you climb the pyramid is the mental part of the game.  How you play the game in competition at the highest level is a very hard thing to fathom. However, I believe that Tiger has had a lot to overcome because the problems that beset him were both physical and mental.  You can’t play the game at the highest level without being 100% physically able to do so.  Combine the physical issues with the mental issues surrounding his personal life have set him back quite a bit.  It seems that these issues are in the rear view mirror so now he can concentrate completely on his game and his mechanics.  Unfortunately, although his physical skill has returned, the next major hurdle is the mental part of the game and the significant competition that he faces from a new generation of players who were in diapers while he was winning major championships.  He has a long way to come back but the good news is that we all get to watch it and either commiserate or enjoy the result.  I’m sure the TV ratings at Riveria will be down this weekend as he failed to make the cut.  His play is inconsistent and on tour, poor shots are magnified.  You can’t win on the PGA Tour if you can’t drive the ball in the fairway and drive it a long way.  I believe Tiger will figure this out and over come his driving inconsistency but he still faces the mental toughness necessary to beat the young guys.  I believe he is making progress and will make some noise this year.  I think a major championship victory is unattainable at this point from where he is right now but he will continue to make progress and eventually contend for a major championship.  It would be a major achievement in the game of golf.



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