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Master’s Blog-An Addendum

by | Apr 17, 2019

In my blog post published yesterday, I mentioned that I didn’t understand why Trump would award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Tiger Woods.  While I’m not a Trump fan and my opinion is completely irrelevant, I would like to set my revised opinion that this was a very appropriate gesture and completely in the spirit of the award.

Tiger has overcome significant adversity in these past years which had to be very painful being in the media spotlight in a very public way.  Most, if not all, golfers would not be able to overcome serious physical injury and personal disruption in life to even be able to play professional golf at a competent level.  He had to overcome opioid addiction and rehabilitation to get back on track.  The innate skill required to overcome these obstacles is truly enormous and I’m sure that the work required to regain what he had lost was a very difficult task.  Those of us who play golf know how difficult the game is and at the professional level of competition, it is actually a very different game.

Tiger has been “knocking on the door” and has been very competitive in events leading up to the Masters.  He was able to control his emotions, draw on his experience and execute his plan to emerge victorious.   The enormity of his comeback is truly remarkable and the Masters victory is his crowning achievement.

His example and achievement are ideals that all of us can look up to, admire and respect. I believe he is first professional golfer to be bestowed this honor and we should all congratulate and appreciate this achievement.

He certainly deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom.



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