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Morse Invitational-Day 2

by | May 23, 2017

The second day of the Morse Invitational was a better day for Team Bronson but not good enough.  Things couldn’t have gotten any worse since the first day’s performance put us too far back to change the ultimate result.  The improvement was 16 shots better than Day 1  by playing the Shore Course which was a lot easier than the Dunes Course.  Putts were made and swing mistakes reduced.  Its hard to write about failure but almost all of the contestants in a golf tournament are losers.  Its important to acknowledge failure and the need for continuous improvement.  You won’t find losing accounts in the newspapers because the only people that care about losing are the players that lost.  You replay the round and determine what needs to be improved and decide a course of action.  I was at a loss at the Day 1 result and trudged out to the range on the day after the tournament to see if I needed to figure anything out.  Of course, I didn’t find much as the practice regime went very well.  I used to “amp” myself up for competitive play but I don’t anymore but I haven’t been getting results this past year so its just more of the same–try to execute and repeat and avoid making any swing mistakes in competition.

I equated this fresh experience to placing my book, Golf Chronicles, in an independent book store in the Bay Area.  As I approached one prospective bookseller, the owner stated that the book probably wasn’t a good fit for their customer base who were interested in inspiration, spiritual insight and self improvement.  I told them that those qualities were completely integrated into golf and that the game is “played between the ears.”  It’s interesting to me as to how misunderstood the game is perceived by the non playing public.  They watch the PGA Tour on television and watch those guys hit high arching shots to greens in regulation with almost no discernible effort.  There’s little understanding of the degree of skill and precision required to achieve this level of capability.  The amateur, in competition, is trying to execute the same type of shots and convert the putts or short shots into a decent score.

Team Bronson didn’t execute this past weekend but the book was successfully placed in the store to inspire, renew and improve a new set of customers.





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